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Former CCEW Interns

Spring of 2007 Mentors

David ArthurDavid J. Arthur

David J. Arthur is CEO of SouthWest NanoTechnologies Inc. His more than 25 years experience commercializing products utilizing advanced materials includes work at such companies as Rogers Corporation, A.T. Cross Co., Composite Solutions, Helix Technologies, and Eikos.

Arthur holds a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from Tufts University, master of science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Connecticut and a master of business administration degree from Northeastern University. His research interests include the synthesis of nanomaterials and the fabrication of nanoscale features at a large scale. He has strong technical and market knowledge in the field of carbon nanotubes.

Tony SayTony Say

Tony Say is the president of Clearwater Enterprises/Ventura Refining and Transmission LLC.

His most recent project was resurrecting an old crude oil refinery in Thomas, Okla., which is expected to create 30-40 jobs with an annual payroll of approximately $1.5 million and help alleviate tight supply of refined products. Under the plan, the 14,000-barrel-per-day refinery will be the county's first new or restored refinery to become operational in nearly two decades.

Bill Vaughn

Bill Vaughn is a technical pilot flying for Continental Airlines. Over the past 25 years with the company, he has flown the B727, B737, B757 and B767 airplanes.

He currently serves as industry co-chairman of the Airline Transport Association's Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Task Force, which helps the FAA develop and maintain airspace infrastructure, and as the industry member of the FAA's Performance-Based Operations Aviation Rule Making Committee, which develops criteria for new technologies within the airspace system.

Vaughn served as a Marine Corps aviator for 19 years, flying the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, and retired as a reserve lieutenant colonel. He holds a bachelor's degree in agriculture, with a major in veterinary science, from the University of Idaho.

Robert WohleberRobert M. Wohleber

Robert M. Wohleber recently retired as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Kerr-McGee Corp.

His career in corporate finance spans three decades and also includes positions at Mellon Bank, Copperweld Corp. and Freeport-McMoRan Cos. Wohleber serves on the boards of directors of OIL Insurance Limited Investment and Oklahoma Health Foundation and is a former chairman of the board of Tronox Inc. He also has served as president of the board of the Oklahoma City Petroleum Club, chairman of the finance committee for the American Petroleum Institute and co-chairman of the 2004 steering committee for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. He is a member of Leadership Oklahoma City.

Wohleber holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame and a master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh, both in business administration.